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As a General Contractor, EB Knight Construction offers complete construction services for custom homes, room additions, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Smaller jobs; including decks, patios and garage construction are also welcome.

  • Conceptual & Preconstruction Estimates
    It is beneficial to get a rough estimate of the overall scope and cost of the project at the earliest planning stages. EB Knight Construction can estimate the expenses of all the trades involved and review the potential impact to your existing house and living situation. With this information, you will know whether or not the project fits within your anticipated budget before you make any commitments to design or architectural fees. This information may allow for the custom kitchen to be included in the overall scope of work and preliminary plans, or to be put off for a later date. It is extremely helpful for everybody involved to know the overall scope of the project, the anticipated expenses and its impacts, as early as possible.

  • Design & Drafting
    Once the overall scope of the project has been determined, and a rough budget allocated, more detailed plans and design aspects can be generated. Whether an architect or EB Knight Construction does the design and drafting, it is beneficial to have your general contractor involved during all of the planning and design stages. By being aware of the end results you are looking for and the costs associated with specific design and engineering applications, your contractor can help save a lot of valuable time and money.

  • Permit & Plan Processing
    Understanding the permit process can be confusing and intimidating depending on your experience and the scale of the project. Because we have drawn and permitted our own plans for numerous projects over the past 23 years, the process is a lot less formidable for us. Having assisted other architects and engineers process plans has also been valuable experience. We can work with your design ideas, we can generate our own ideas or we would be happy to work with an architect or other designer as well. Many times it is a group or collaborative effort that results in the best design.

  • Budget & Scheduling
    Once a final set of plans has been developed, a final budget and schedule can be produced. Typically, there are minor changes and clarifications to those plans. Those changes and any associate cost and schedule impacts will be reflected in revised construction documents as the project progresses. All changes will be approved of by the clients before any work begins and any expenses have been incurred.

  • Management & Supervision
    When construction is underway, we will use our years of experience to make sure your project flows according to the plans and schedule. Daily site visits and communication with employees, sub-contractors and the clients are routine and scheduled to keep your project on track.

  • All Phases of Construction and Business Relationships
    Through the years, we have developed close working relationships with many of the highest skilled tradesman and sub-contractors in the Santa Barbara area. Through these trusted relationships, we will work together towards completing your project efficiently and with the highest standards of quality. Our goal is not only to complete your project on time, on budget and at the highest standards of quality, but to develop a trusting relationship with you that will have you sharing your positive experience with your friends and family.

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